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Dai Matsuzaka as Jito in Nae - the rice seedling May 5-7, 2023; image by
Nae - the rice seedling Logo
Teiya Kasahara as the Ghost in Nae - the rice seedling, May 5-7, 2023; image by

About the Production

'Nae' (which translates to The Rice Seedling) is a new, groundbreaking musical and theatrical work by Toronto-based composer Kokichi Kusano, featuring traditions of Japanese music and theatre for the modern stage. The NAE Project is a team consisting of actors, musicians, and production members from across Ontario, Quebec, and Japan. Nae - the rice seedling premiered at the Harbourfront Centre Theatre, May 5-7, 2023.

In the 13th century Japan, misery and suffering consume the land, which is gripped in a famine of historical proportions. A lonesome monk, diligently serving prayers to the dead, as they float away down the river, is soon to discover the mysterious forces between which the fate of mortals are balanced.

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