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The Cast

'Nae' is being prepared for live production under the auspices of The Nae Project - the team effort to produce the work for live presentation. The effort is led by the creator and composer, Kokichi Kusano, based in Toronto ON, Canada. Preparations and rehearsals for 'Nae' commenced in the spring and early summer of 2021. 'Nae' boasts an international cast of over a dozen expert performers including musicians, dancers, actors and actresses from Quebec, Ontario and Japan - all collaborating online and in pandemic safe rehearsals to bring 'Nae' to life next year.

Drawing on classical performing arts of Japan, 'Nae' promises to take audiences on a journey unlike any other. The cast of 'Nae' is excited to share this unique experience with a broad audience next fall.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Eclectik 2016 30 - Kayo - © Adrián Moril
The Cast: About Us
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