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The NAE Project is proud to acknowledge the generous support from these sponsors:

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Tetsuya Kudaka as Shugoshin (the Guardian Diety) in Nae - the rice seedling (2023)

The NAE Project would like to acknowledge for their contributions:

Matthew Aubin
Carter Varmeyer

Event live photography, videography, editing

Hirokazu Maeda

Captions, photography and technical support

Masanori Shimozato

Graphic and logo design and promotional imagery

Daniele Guevara

Lighting design

Nicole Percy

Stage Manager

Hiroko Puopolo

Kimono Marie

Adrián Morillo

Gak Tanaka

Costume assistance

Costume provision (Soryo, ghost kimono)

Photography, editing

Photography, editing, lighting and costume assistance

Acknowledgements: List
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